Happy Riding Mummy has set itself the task to equip horseback riding pregnant women with comfortable and stylish maternity breeches.

If our body is used to the daily activities at the stables including horeback riding and our health does allow it - we should still be able to pursue the sport we love even being pregnant.

There was only one problem until now: there were no appropriate riding breeches!




The innovation

Happy Riding Mummy finally developed a pregnancy riding breeches that is pleasing us with the highest wearing comfort even with growing belly ... without giving up the usual riding feeling!
Gone are the days, to find ways and means to cover the outstanding zipper of normal breeches or to be angry about the fact the pants slip across the bottom with every movement.
Of course, also more solid women who are not pregnant and search for higher comfort at the belly will be pleased with our breeches because the annoying tweak is history! Just try it!


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The design of our pregnancy riding breeches is protected!